In recent years, no fresh & unique Rakhi designs are available in market to meet the customer expectations. Market is filled with standard Rakhi's made from standard materials like Rudraksh, motti, etc or basic quill rakhis which won't even last for a day. Non-availability of fresh & artistic design rakhi's pushes customer to buy the best of what they can get their hands on.

A small need of unique, artistic and budget Rakhi's sparked the idea to a budding Quiller.

After a brief survey and successful trails of producing quality QUILLED Rakhi's which can last atleast few days, Crafantic was born.

Crafantic provides Fresh, Unique And Artistic Quilled Rakhi's which can easily withstand water and can last atleast for few days based on usage.


We are surveying different market segments to provide quality QUILLED products to our customers. STAY TUNED!

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